About: Faith

Hi. I’m Rachel.

I’m not perfect. Not even close. I’ve been a Christian for nearly thirty years, but am just now starting to understand a little bit about how much God loves me . . . and how I can spread that love to others.



I’ve been on quite the journey. I’ve taken some seriously wrong turns. I’ve had to turn around, retrace my steps, and start over. I don’t have all the answers, but I strive to be honest. I believe part of my spiritual journey is to share my journey with you. I know you may have some questions about who I am. So, below, you will find a disclaimer of sorts. It’s a description of me, in a nutshell. If you find you’re okay with hearing what I have to say after knowing who I am, I will be so honored.


I am . . .

Divorced and remarried. Wife to my soulmate – my very best friend. I’m Mama to six beautiful kids – four by birth, two by marriage. I struggle to be kind to people I don’t like. I love to write. I like Third Day, Macklemore, and NPR. I love to eat. I love Jesus but I drink a little. I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I’m self-deprecating as a defense mechanism. I worry too much about what people think. I change my mind a lot. I have had a major crisis of faith in the not so distant past. I decided Jesus is everything. I don’t want to love my cropped-rachel-holbrook-3.pngenemies, but I’m trying. I want to be a successful author. I voted for Bush, McCain, Obama, and Clinton. I’m obviously getting more liberal as I get older. I volunteer at my church as a small group leader for middle school girls. I am very ambitious. I have huge ideas but am not always great at follow-through. I love my friends. I was raised a Fundamentalist. I cry a lot – I’m very sensitive. I don’t always fight fair. I have too much pride. I love reading. I mean, I LOVE to read! I find so many things interesting. I want to be a good person. I want Jesus to be proud of me. I’m doing my best.