What’s Next?


Hello, Everyone! Many thanks to everyone who has followed along as I’ve written “Little River.” I hope you all enjoyed it, because I had a blast writing it. It has been my first experience of having an active audience as I’ve written a story, and I really loved that part of it.  Your comments here, on Facebook, and in person have been so encouraging.

I’m sorry for the radio silence last Tuesday. I had originally hoped to not have a gap between Tuesdays, but, obviously, that didn’t happen. The holidays and family life played a part, but the biggest factor was my indecision of what to do next. I considered starting a completely  new serial, but I’ve decided that’s not the way I want to go. Instead, look for “Little River: Volume Two” to begin next Tuesday. Volume Two will still be set in Little River, but will follow a different cast of characters. Don’t be surprised when familiar characters make an appearance, though!

Writing is a solitary endeavor, but you guys have made it a little less so. Thank you for following along on my journey, and I hope to have another blog post with some exciting announcements about my writing (both familiar and otherwise) very soon!

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  1. Comments via Facebook:

    Valerie Colclough: Can’t wait!

    Tammy Salyer: Yeah. Can’t wait to read it!!!


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