A Little River Poll

Hey, Guys! I’m starting to think about compiling Little River: Vol 2 into a book after it’s completion. I intend to include some content that is exclusive to the book, meaning you have to buy the book to get the content . . . it won’t be available on the website. I want it to be enticing, though, so I thought, “Who better to know what my readers want to read about than my readers?”

I’m going to let you choose! This will be either a couple short stories or a novella, included with Vol 2. So, weigh in, and let me know which character you’d like to know more about. Maybe you want to know their back story? Maybe you want to know what happened to your favorite character from Vol 1 after the story ended? Well, now’s your chance to choose the direction Little River will go!

Take my poll, and, if you  want to specify whether you want back story or to know what happened next, just leave a comment on this post and say so. Thanks, Guys! I hope I get a good response. Don’t leave me hanging!


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