The Avalon Literary Review

I’m very excited to announce that my Flash Fiction piece, “The Funeral,” has been published in the Spring Issue of the Avalon Literary Review!

I received four extra contributor copies, and I’ve decided to give them away.

13124843_10153650158573177_8267675414816874497_n Instead of a drawing, I am giving a copy to the first four readers to leave a review of “Little River: Vol 1” on Amazon. Just leave a review and then comment on this post (or on FB or Twitter) to let me know you left a review, and I will contact you to get your address. That’s it.  The first four reviews will get you a free copy of this fantastic journal with exceptional stories, poetry, and essays . . . including mine! (I’ll sign the page with my story, if you want me to.)

So, hooray for getting my Flash published, and hooray for free literature for you!


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