Flashback Friday: Hindsight

Today, I have a poem for you. Poetry is not my wheelhouse, but I enjoy writing it just the same. I hope you enjoy it!



I looked back and saw myself,
Less blameless than I thought.
All righteous indignation
Faded on the spot.
Instead of all the hurt and pain
Showered down on me,
I saw the ones that I had maimed,
In my struggle to break free.

I looked back and saw myself,
Less innocence; more greed.
Time reveals the selfish wants
More than desperate need.
As years go by, to my surprise,
I watch solid reasons fade.
Revealing sad excuses
For the choices I have made.

I looked back and saw myself,
Tempted to be cruel.
To throw more stones at the girl
Who played myself the fool.
But, looking back, I still can feel
How desperation clings.
To brokenhearted people
Bearing brokenhearted things.

©2015 Rachel Holbrook

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